Cityforum Covid-19 Update

Due to the current crisis, Cityforum has put its usual forum activities on hold, but remains actively engaged on a programme of round table events for the late summer and autumn period.

In the interim, Cityforum continues to contribute to public policy debate and is developing a range of new online thought leadership projects.  Over the coming months we will be focussing on the following, hosting discussions on topics such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the four principal strands of the Integrated Review, the Grey Zone, Manpower, Capability and Skills, across all our areas of expertise, including cyber, defence, security and policing:

  • Producing a series of professional podcasts – thought provoking discussions of current affairs using the expertise of our extensive network of associates, public sector and industry partners to consider subjects of national importance.
  • Creating online panel discussions – based upon our usual format of short speeches and extended discussions, our programmes will include industry, academia and public sector decision makers, who will engage in conversation and debate for live streaming and online distribution.
  • Advisory and consultancy work – utilising our experienced and skilled team supported by our group of Associates to undertake advisory work or bespoke research projects, an area in which we have considerable and demonstrable expertise.

We look forward to you engaging with us over the next few months as we collectively explore new ways of working to stimulate dialogue and discussion on important national issues and would welcome your thoughts.

At the same time we remain committed to offering both practical and moral support, in any way possible, to the world’s finest public servants, academics, and industry innovators, as they strive to manage and develop solutions to the Coronavirus pandemic while, of course, offering out utmost gratitude to all those who continue to work in healthcare and other crucial services during this difficult time.

Please do get in touch if Cityforum can be of any assistance, or if you would like to contribute to any of our upcoming online activities.

If you would like more information, please contact Veronica Scott at or 01373 831900