Intelligent Defence Report – Maximising Smart Power & Public Value

Cityforum is pleased to announce the publication of Maximising Smart Power & Public Value, the second annual report of Cityforum’s Intelligent Defence programme.

In a series of round table meetings and conclave discussions held between March and October 2019, Maximising Smart Power & Public Value began by asking how the UK can be ‘smart’ and innovative in the evolving international security and defence environment and how ‘public value’ can be assured. Subsequent discussions addressed the role of technology in conflict, the technological challenges that might arise in the near future, the problem of domestic security and national resilience, the broad purposes of the UK’s armed forces and finally, the argument for public value in defence expenditure.

Launched in 2018, Intelligent Defence has become known for its willingness to analyse the most complex issues of contemporary security and defence policy. This is a time of turbulence and uncertainty in international security, requiring traditional structures and procedures to adapt to change and to prepare, as best they can, to meet challenges and threats which are currently obscure. This is also the time that the UK Government has chosen to embark on a new, integrated review of national security and defence strategy. With all this in mind, the annual reports of Cityforum’s Intelligent Defence series provide analysis which is sophisticated and comprehensive, concise and accessible and a resource for all those involved in or concerned about security and defence.

Cityforum is grateful to BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and others for their continuing support for the Intelligent Defence programme and to all those who participated in or contributed to the 2019 series.

We welcome readers’ comments on Maximising Smart Power & Public Value and would be delighted to discuss the content of and sponsorship for the forthcoming 2020 series – please email