"Cityforum have a programme that brings senior leaders together for candid dialogues that is unequalled anywhere in the world"

About Us

Cityforum has been contributing to public policy since 1990.  Our organisation comprises a small, trusted, independent group of experienced individuals, respected for their intellectual honesty, knowledge and extensive contacts, spanning the private, public and not-for-profit sectors at every level.

In addition, we work closely with an excellent network of associates and collaborators providing depth, breadth and subject matter expertise.

What We Do

Since its inception in 1990 Cityforum has specialised in two areas, namely:

a) devising and hosting specialised events, mostly of a ’round table’ character on a range of economic, practical, technological and social policy themes that are of concern to governmental organisations, companies and third sector bodies.

b) undertaking bespoke research and advisory work for official bodies, corporates and charities to provide:

  • Public sector guidance and advice on policy, strategy, procedures, efficiency and communications.
  • Independent reviews and evaluation using our particular analytical skills and interviewing capability.
  • Corporate advisory work for firms seeking public sector contracts and new business collaborations.

Following its inaugural Adam Smith Bicentenary event held with the Scottish Government in 1990, Cityforum has retained an interest in economic policy, banking, regulation and trade.  Its interests grew quickly and defence, security, cyber, policing, CNI, energy, health and social care and privacy are all areas where we provide analysis, guidance and forums for rigorous discussion of issues, including wicked problems that appear to defy solution.

Why we are different

Together we encompass an extremely wide range of standpoints and backgrounds.  Our staff and associates include individuals with rich experience and career expertise from government service, business, academia, journalism, professional sport, the security services, military and policing.

Cityforum don’t claim to hold all knowledge in-house, but we always know where to look.  Our core team and network have particular capability in policy areas where expertise developed over many years is helpful.

We are financially and politically independent.

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Cityforum Team

Our core team consists of a small group of highly motivated and committed people who desire to make a difference and do so with modesty, using plain English.


We work with a wide network of exceptional individuals who value and care about what we do.  A number of those who work with us on a regular basis are listed here.