"Had we tried to find that much information out for ourselves it would have taken a lot longer and cost us a great deal more"

Research & Advisory

With our broad experience of the public sector, and understanding of the budgetary constraints they face, technological advances and the challenges of maintaining productivity, our team of advisers work with clients in the public sector to shape policy, streamline procedures, and develop workable strategies.

Independent Reviews and Evaluation

We undertake bespoke research and produce reviews based on analysis and structured interviewing techniques across a wide range of sectors. We have undertaken reviews for HMIC, the Police ICT Company, various UK Police forces and Police and Crime Commissioners, and other organisations.

From the experiences and insights we draw on through the engagement with a wide sector of the community we put forward clear, evidence based suggestions and recommendations to our clients.

Corporate Advisory

We undertake independent research and produce guidance for the private sector on markets, developments in public policy and practice, and provide discussion based forums on emergent themes inĀ our fields of expertise.